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 Elusive People

Jørgen Erikson

Jørgen Erikson lived at Skålevollen, Nedre Eri, gnr. 20, bnr. 8, Lærdal, Sogn og Fjordane, Norge. He was born cirka 1754. He married Engel Jokumsdatter Glorhelleren, daughter of Jokum Einarson (Maristova) and Anna Jensdatter Fortun, on 10 nov 1788. He died on 15 aug 1798. He was buried on 20 aug 1798. Where did he come from, where was he born?
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Aksel Frithiof Herman Karlsson

"Aksel Frithiof Herman Karlsson forsvant plutselig en dag han skulle på butikken (gått i myra eller betalt for å stikke av ryktes det." Han was born cirka 1852 in Sweden. He married Mine Jensen, daughter of Jens Larsen and Sidsel Marie Nielsen on 18 Dec 1888 in Stenlille sogn, Merløse herred, Holbæk Amt, Denmark. He was working in the stable at Sandlyng gaard in 1889. Update: has more information about this guy now!
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Hans Haagensen Olstad

Hans Haagensen Olstad was "sagmester". He was born cirka 1785. He lived ca 1810-1818 at Olstadstua, Nedre Olstad gnr. 21, Gjerdrum, Akershus, Norway. He married Anne Jacobsdatter (Lille Ask), daughter of Jacob Hansen and Berte Jensdatter on 1 Nov 1812. He lived cirka 1820 at Kogstad, gnr. 61, Gjerdrum. He lived after 1836 at Kogstadhagan, Kogstad, gnr. 61, bnr. 4, Gjerdrum. He died 2 Nov 1862 at Kogstadhagen. He was buried 11 Nov 1862, Henie church.
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Anne Olsdatter Knefossen

Anne Olsdatter Knefossen was born cirka 1798. She was confirmed 1813. She married Ole Jensen Hellern (Asakskogen), son of Jens Olsen Moen and Anne Gulliksdatter Maura 13 Mar 1831 in Nannestad, Akershus, Norway.
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Petrea Petersen?

Uncertain information - surname may be Poulsen, in that case ther is a match in Ribe census 1834: Thomas Hansen, 63, Gift, , Rugbrdbager, Karen Jensen, 63, Gift, , Hans Kone, Hanssine Hansen, 17, Ugift, , Deres Datter, Petrea Poulsen, 7, Ugift, , Pleiedatter,
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Anders (Andrew) Eri (1877-1968)

Anders (Andrew) Eri. He was born den 2 Aug 1877 in Lærdal, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. He was "cabinetmaker" i 1899, Lærdal. He emigrated 27 Apr 1899 from Bergen via Liverpool to Boston 14 May 1899. He lived sometime after 14 May 1899 in Le Roy, Minnesota. He lived 24 June 1907 in Dickinson, Stark County, North Dakota. He lived 29 Nov 1910 in Purcell, Billings, North Dakota. Han lived 2 Jan 1920 with John Dahl family, Racine, Wisconsin. He married Walborg Lindgren 4 Jan 1930 in Waukegan, Lake County, Illinois. He and Walborg Lindgren were divorced before 1935. He was employed by John Dahl Tavern 5 Dec 1936 at 808 State St., Racine, Wisconsin. He died 28 Feb 1968 at Racine County Hospital, 90 years old.
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